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High Pressure Pump V2-HO

This high pressure coolant system of the V2-Swiss was developed especially for Swiss-type lathes which are working only with cutting oil. With this coolant system comes a valve block with 8 outlets, which is directly attached  to your machine. These valves can then be controlled individually and under pressure.

This high pressure pump can be used only with cutting oil and delivers up to 130 bar and 19 l/min.

MP-Systems R8 Series

Standard equipment

  • 19 l/min up to 130 bar
  • Manually adjustable pressure
  • Gear pump
  • Built-in heat exchanger
  • Built-in feed/supply pump
  • 200 V or 400 V
  • Use only with oil
  • Portable rolling castors standard
  • Valve block with 8 coolant outputs


  • Replacement HEPA filter Part no.: 3300020001
  • 12 coolant outputs
  • Abrasive duty upgrade

Specs and Options

Specification V2-HO
Fluid Type Cutting Oil
Max. Pressure Up to 130 Bar
Max. Flow Rate Up to 19 l/min
Pressure Type Manually Adjustable
No. of Coolant Outputs (12 Optional)
Filtration 5 Micron Single Filter
Main Motor HP 7.5 (5.5 kW)
Voltage -3 Phase: 200 V or 400 V
Amperage 200v 28 FLA – 400v 14 FLA
Control Voltage 24 V
Feed/Supply Pump Standard
Dirty Filter Alarm Standard
Foot Print (LxWxH) 112 cm x 61 cm x 92 cm
Weight 263 k